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Stand development is the process where the film is left in a very dilute developing solution for an extended period of time, with little or no agitation. The theory is that the developer exhausts itself in areas which require greater development while remaining active in less-exposed areas.

I’ve been using this method for a couple of years with different developers, and I’ve written a couple of guides:


I buy all my chemicals online, so if I run out I’m stuck for a few days. However, it’s possible to make Caffenol, a developer using items you can buy locally.

Caffenol Guide: How To Develop Your Photos With Coffee.

The Abandoned Orphange

In the town where I live, hidden in the woods and surrounded by razor wire and CCTV, lies an abandoned two-hundred-year-old house that was once used as an orphanage. I challenged the security and my own fears to get inside and take a look around.

Silverlands Orphanage

The Olympus Trip 35

I pick ten of my favourite photos I’ve taken with this classic camera over the last ten years

Olympus Trip 35 | Ten Photos In Ten Years

The Omen

One of the most commercially successful films of 1976 was The Omen, and much of it was filmed close to where I live. See some photos and read about the story of the film.

Brookwood Military Cemetery & The Omen

The Magnificent Seven

I’m gradually working my way around London’s famous set of Victorian cemeteries known as The Magnificent Seven. Check out some of the photos.

  • Kensal Green Cemetery: here and here
  • Norwood Cemetery: here
  • Brompton Cemetery: here