The Last Polaroids – Expired Fuji FP-100C

When Fuji discontinued FP-3000B back in 2013 I felt a sense of loss. I thought Fuji’s black and white instant peel apart film was fantastic, and I hadn’t shot anywhere near as much as I wanted to. I was sure that the sole remaining pack film, FP-100C, would soon go the same way. And even though I’m never really excited by colour film, I bought a couple of packs. Sure enough, Fuji announced it discontinuation in 2016. My Polaroid 103 had become a vintage doorstop.

Last weekend I found the camera at the back of my cupboard and realised it still had three shots left. But this film had expired in 2015. If it was regular film I’d have no concerns at all. But pack film? With its arcane and sticky chemical gel? I didn’t expect to get usable photos.

Clearly I was wrong. Looking at these three shots I feel that sense of loss all over again. And my Polaroid now really is a doorstop.

Polaroid Land Model 103 / Expired Fuji FP-100C

Rosie in the jungle. Well, by the apple tree actually

Expired Fuji FP-100C

Ella lurking in the bushes

Expired Fuji FP-100C

Come on Daisy, keep awake…we’ve only got one shot at this….stay with me old girl…



Expired Fuji FP-100C

7 comments on “The Last Polaroids – Expired Fuji FP-100C

    1. I saw someone on a blog this week asked, given the return of some old emulsions recently, which films they’d like to see brought back. For me it would be Kodakchrome and pack film. Shame really, as these are the two I can guarantee will never be seen again!

  1. Same as you, I found a couple of frames left inside the pack film back for my Mamiya RZ system some time early spring of 2019. I didn’t put them into such a good use as you did, obviously. The Dog was away and the kids have since quite long left the building, so out of the camera they went as I wasted them on a couple of seascapes. Anyway, as you quite rightly say: that was the end of an era. It will most likely never come back, and one of my pack film backs are quite likely to be rebuilt to become an Instax Square back for the RZ instead, but we will need to see what the progress in that plan will be like, if any progress at all…

      1. Yes, I realized that when I started to get up to date on your blog. That’s what happens when you start reading stuff from earlier days working yourself ahead in time 🙂
        Your Impossible Project pictures looks real good and a lot better than I though was possible today. I might have to give it a go myself as well…

        1. I can really recommend it. I’m very happy with the current version of the film. The important thing is once the film is ejected to instantly put it in the dark and to keep it warm until it’s fully developed. An inside coat pocket against your body is perfect.

          1. Thanks, Gerald. Yes, I noticed the description of keeping the copy in a dark and warm place for about 15 minutes or so. Thanks for the recommendation, and hopefully I’ll get a box or two of instant film at some point. Need to make sure I got a camera that will fit what’s out there for sale nowadays. I’ll find out, some day 🙂

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