That Was The Month That Was: November 2018

November’s round-up of random bits and pieces…

OK, so strictly speaking these two are from the end of October, but any pics of Ella are worth including.

Fujifilm X100T

My mum & niece

I went to visit my mum in Herefordshire. It’s great walking country, even in the mist and rain.

Nikon F90X / Kodak Tmax 400

Coco & Daisy both seemed to have perfected the stare that somehow makes me feel guilty, even though I don’t know why.

Dobble is apparently all the rage with the kids, although by the time I’ve heard of something it’s normally deader than disco.

This month’s chickens news is much the same as the last month’s: Domino and Dorothy are laying; Bluebell and Beaker need to get their finger out. Possibly quite literally…

November hasn’t disappointed; the weather’s been as completely grey and miserable as you’d expect for this time of year. But it still can surprise from time to time, and in the middle of the month was an uncharastically spectacular weekend of sunshine. We took a long walk with Coco The Cocker in the South Downs.
Fujifilm X100T

I’m thinking maybe Bo & Luke Duke live here….

3 comments on “That Was The Month That Was: November 2018

  1. Herefordshire looks like a lovely place. Ella is very photogenic. Is she scooping out the pumpkin to make a Jack o’ Lantern? Or will the pumpkin be used for cooking something? People make pumkin pancakes here in Korea and they’re really delicious.
    I get the same looks from my cat that you get from your dogs. People say that humans always win a staring contest with an animal, but I always break first when engaged in a battle of wills with my cat.
    Do you use film simulations on your X100T? Or do you use raw files and Adobe’s profiles? I use jpg and Classic Chrome on my X-T3. I love the colours.

  2. Hey Marcus, yep she’s scooping out what seems to me the World’s Biggest Pumpkin to make a lantern 🙂

    As primarily a film shooter, I love the X100T. It’s one of the few digital cameras I can imagine being enthusiastic about, possibly because I use it like my film cameras. As you know, it has a fixed lens and I rarely use more than a single lens on my film SLRs. It’s 35mm equivalent focal length is the same as the one I use and love on my Nikon F90. And most importantly of all for me, the images come straight out the camera needing hardly any editing. To answer your question, I exclusively use either classic chrome or the black and white film simulations. I barely touch the files, other than perhaps increasing the contrast a bit. The X100T sadly doesn’t have the Acros simulation and grain setting, so I do sometimes add a bit of grain in post as otherwise the b/w images look a bit too clean to my eye.

    I eventually took the plunge to get a digital camera because I knew there were things I wanted to document that just weren’t very practical to get with film. I had a few important criteria: that it was small enough to carry anywhere, and that I wouldn’t have to spend time in front of the computer editing files. The X100T fulfils all that perfectly. I think having used film all my life helps keep me disciplined in terms of number of frames, so I don’t end up with 1000s of pics to sort through every time I use it!

    1. Not having to do anything to the photos is another reason I like using jpg in the Fuji camera. I paid a lot of money for it, so it should do all the work. I like using film, but it’s getting very expensive. I usually use slide film, which is extremely expensive to buy and develop. I might switch to consumer negative film, which is cheap and produces vibrant colours. It also comes in speeds other than ISO 100. I can get it developed locally and the owner usually throws in scans for cheap or free.
      I have the 18-55 kit zoom that comes with the X-T3. I usually use primes, but this lens has a good range, produces good detail, is only slightly longer than a normal prime lens, and weighs nearly nothing. The 41mm equivalent pancake prime lens is tempting, though it has no aperture ring.

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