That Was The Month That Was: May & June 2019

The usual semi-regular round up of random snaps, this time from May & June 2019

Ella having a Wild Hair Day
Nikon F100 / Kodak Tmax 400 / Kodak D76 1+1

girl trampoline

Coco The Cocker looking effortlessly gorgeous

Coco the Cocker Spaniel

I never thought we’d be voting in the 2019 European Parliament elections…

European Election Poll Card

Chocolate fondue night at Helen’s
Fujifilm X100T

Coco, the canine water diviner. If there’s water out there, she’ll find it. The dirtier the better.

Nikon F100 / Kodak Tmax 400 / Developed in D76 1+1

working cocker spaniel

Giving the whatchoo talkin bout willis look….

working cocker spaniel

Home and dry

working cocker spaniel

Other people sometimes have dogs too. Some of them are nearly as beautiful as Coco. Nearly.

Thought I’d order a few rolls of Kosmo Foto Mono now it’s available in medium format

Dorothy and Domino

I think the sky in the following two pictures shows how incredibly fine-grained Tmax 400 can be for a film of its speed, as long as you expose it carefully.

Some people have a garden or yard at the back of their house. Jane has the South Downs National Park.

The Witch’s Tree

Sunday morning, making bread and flapjacks

“Yeah, whatever. I’ll get excited when there’s something I can actually eat”

Enough excitement for one morning

Church of the Nazerene, just next to Clapham Junction

Nikon F100 / Kodak Tmax 100 / Kodak D76 1+1

I took this whilst walking over Battersea Bridge. That’s the remnants of Lots Road Power Station on the right. Turn around 180 degreees, and upstream you can just about make out the iconic chimneys of its much more famous counterpart.

And looking down, someone has decided to go wading in the Thames…

Lots Road Power Station is a disused coal and later oil-fired and later gas-fired power station in Chelsea. Built in 1905 and decommissioned in 2002. Since then seems to have been in a constant state of redevelopment.

Upside down in coach No. 7

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