Bertie News | Episode 02: Eleven Weeks Old

Q: Are there advantages when your girlfriend goes on holiday without you?
A: Duh Yeah! You get to look after the puppy for a whole week

And much of that week was spent chasing him round the garden with a Polaroid, trying to get him to stay still.

Bertie the working cocker spaniel puppy at 11 weeks old / Polaroid SX-70 Sonar / Polaroid Originals Color SX-70 Film

Working Cocker Spaniel Puppy Polaroid

The Impossible Project – now called Polaroid Originals – has had remarkable success since its inception in 2008. When Polaroid announced they would stop making film, the IP founders had a Victor Kiam-esque moment and bought the company. Well, some of the machinery at least.

And as much as I’ve admired them over the years, I’ve avoided resurrecting my own Polaroid SX-70. The early formulations of the film were quite flakey, and the price continues to be expensive; roundabout £17 ($21) for 8 shots. (NB I can’t quite believe 17 quid currently only buys 21 bucks).

Nevertheless, recently lamenting the loss of my Polaroid Land Camera has made me reconsider. The latest iteration of the film seems stable, and all things considered I can afford the odd pack here and there.

I’m sure I’ll have more to say when I’ve shot all eight frames. That could be a little while yet though because, at over two quid a pop, I’m a little bit selective about when I press that shutter button.

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The Last Polaroids – Expired Fuji FP-100C

When Fuji discontinued FP-3000B back in 2013 I felt a sense of loss. I thought Fuji’s black and white instant peel apart film was fantastic, and I hadn’t shot anywhere near as much as I wanted to. I was sure that the sole remaining pack film, FP-100C, would soon go the same way. And even though I’m never really excited by colour film, I bought a couple of packs. Sure enough, Fuji announced it discontinuation in 2016. My Polaroid 103 had become a vintage doorstop.

Last weekend I found the camera at the back of my cupboard and realised it still had three shots left. But this film had expired in 2015. If it was regular film I’d have no concerns at all. But pack film? With its arcane and sticky chemical gel? I didn’t expect to get usable photos.

Clearly I was wrong. Looking at these three shots I feel that sense of loss all over again. And my Polaroid now really is a doorstop.

Polaroid Land Model 103 / Expired Fuji FP-100C

Rosie in the jungle. Well, by the apple tree actually

Expired Fuji FP-100C

Ella lurking in the bushes

Expired Fuji FP-100C

Come on Daisy, keep awake…we’ve only got one shot at this….stay with me old girl…



Expired Fuji FP-100C