In An Instant: Lockdown Edition: Double Exposure

Eleven days into lockdown, and I’m safe, well, and still have a job. At least for the moment. However, I am supremely sick of the idiot I’m forced to spend every waking hour with. Which is a shame really, as I live alone.

Today’s daily exercise Polaroid was taken at the local cemetery. I pressed the shutter and got that wonderfully evocative Polaroid ejection sound. But no picture. So I pressed it again and got a nice double exposure.

Three things The Coronapocalypse has taught us:

  • We need to properly fund the National Health Service
  • We’ve learnt the value of those people previously dismissed as ‘unskilled’
  • With a bit of effort, we can get the homeless off the streets

Let’s try not to go back, please.

Polaroid SX-70 Sonar / Polaroid Originals SX-70 Black & White Film

9 comments on “In An Instant: Lockdown Edition: Double Exposure

        1. Haha that’s absolutely brilliant! These things certainly make good black & white subjects. Glad to see the SX70 is working well. How long since you last used it?

          1. Yes, I totally agree. I didn’t even try the film until recently, as I saw the results other people were getting. But I think both the colour and b/w film are now vastly improved, albeit with certain limitations.

  1. Well, that was a happy accident. Great result. I wish I could get back and white film for my Instax square camera. I think it’s only avilable for the other models at the moment.

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