Five Happy Things We Did On Jane’s {Redacted}th Birthday Weekend

Two weeks ago it was my birthday weekend. This weekend it was Jane’s turn. Here’s what happened:

All photos Fujifilm X100T

1: Curry and playing games with friends. I’m officially the world’s worst Uno player, although it doesn’t help when everyone gangs up on you. But hey, I take it in good humour. Bastards.

2: Watercolours!

3: Chilling!

4: Sunday afternoon in the pub with friends, for the sole purpose of showing the kids how not to behave. Children’s education is so important.

5: Lots of walking with the dogs.

Coco’s recovering from an operation, so she’s wearing a très chic little French number she just threw on. This is far more fashionable than the usual cone of shame. Is cultural appropriation OK when it’s dogs doing it?

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