Bertie News | Episode 06: 6 Months Old

So, six months old now, and he’s turning into a rather handsome chap.

He’s sitting on the back of the sofa here, staring out the window and waiting for Jane to return from the shops. He’s never completely happy unless the pack is all together.

Bertie the working cocker spaniel puppy at 6 months / Fujifilm X100T

working cocker spaniel puppy 6 months

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6 comments on “Bertie News | Episode 06: 6 Months Old

    1. Working Cocker Spaniels tend to reach their full height at about 9-12 months. But after that they still tend to fill out for a while and gain muscle.

      Bertie is already nearly the same height as Coco, but about half her weight. Because they are working breeds, they have incredible energy and stamina, and although these two are not worked, because of where they live they get between 2-4 hours of vigorous running every day. And in fact both of them would run all day if they could and do occasionally get the chance. Anyone thinking of getting a Working Cocker Spaniel should think really carefully if they have the time, energy and commitment needed!

  1. Joking aside, I don’t think it would be fair to such a dog for me to have it and keep it in a smallish apartment. And there aren’t many places in Korea where you can let a dog like that run and play. A cat is great for me and the missus because it’s low maintenance and exercises itself for one mad session a day running from one end of the place to the other.

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