Billy Bragg & The Wakes

You Know When You’re Getting Old #179: You go to a gig, find yourself surprised how old everyone seems, and then realise that they’re your contemporaries…

Billy Bragg, supported by The Wakes. 25 January 2019 at the Islington Assembly Hall, benefit for Hope Not Hate.
Fujifilm X100T

Basil Comes To Stay

December was a quiet month, at least photographically speaking. The only daylight I saw during the week was through the office window, and even at the weekend the days were short and typically gloomy. I have three unfinished rolls of film in three different cameras, desperate for opportunities to be used up.

Basil The Border Collie came to stay for a few days. He may be smart and agile, but in a play flight his considered and tactical approach is no match for Coco’s somewhat less thoughtful blunderbuss routine.

Fujifilm X100T