2 comments on “Billy Bragg & The Wakes

  1. My youngest son, age 18, is a metalhead. Which works for me, because I was one in my 20s. Thing is, my 20s were going on 30 years ago.

    My son wanted me to take him to see Anthrax about a year ago, and then Slayer last spring. You know, the bands that were hip and cool when I was in my 20s. Good heavens, do the guys show their age.

    But it gives me hope, because if they can still bang their heads in their 50s then what stands in my way of doing the things I like?

    1. One of the first records that I bought was Deep Purpleā€™s Machinehead, sometime around 1982. I remember reverently looking through the sleeve notes and gatefold pictures, thinking back to this legendary time many years before when the album was released; 1972, ten years prior. Now a decade seems little more than the blink of an eye.